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Odoodaddy's Beauty Spa Management System envisions in giving a complete new experience to client in availing their spa services. The Spa Management System helps the customer in processing their online booking for spa services. The module comes integrated with Odoo Accounting and Website, offering comprehensive plethora of functions.

One of the significant advantage of using the Spa Management System is that, it offers your customer their booking information via email. The client is equipped with the status of their booking, enhancing the customary experience and brand building of your business. 

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  1.  Online booking facility

  2.  Accounting facility

  3.  Customer notification via email

  4.  User interactive dashboard

  5.  Customer can view the available chairs and order details

  6.  Different access levels for users and administrator

  7.  Track the chair user by date


Dashboard is very useful tool. Your customer can book the service in two ways, either via direct booking or online booking. The chairs with Black font's denote the ones available for online booking and the White ones for direct booking. From dashboard, one get all information about the chair, whether the particular chair is free or is in currently use. Also one can see the active orders of that chair. If the end user clicks in , it will directly navigate to the active orders of that chair. In case, if the end user want to change the settings of chair, they can just click the settings button in the dashboard.

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How It Works?


Go to Salon --> Chair

Here you can create and edit details of each chair. You can assign a user to the chair by adding new user to the users tab in the form view of chair(Check the image shown below). The last added user will be turned to the current user of the chair. Using this tab, you can track which user is active on the Chair on a particular date or time.

Create Services

Go to Salon --> Services

List of services provided by the Spa. You can create and edit services here.

Salon Orders

Go to Salon --> Salon Orders

Here you have all the orders in the Spa.

Salon Order Form View

Go to Salon --> Salon Orders --> Form View

Form view of the salon order is shown in the image. You will get the corresponding invoice details of the order by clicking the Invoice button in the upper right side of the form view.


Go to Salon --> Bookings

Here you can see all the online bookings. You can either approve a booking or reject a booking. In both cases the notification is send to the customer mail address. The approved bookings will be changed to salon orders.

Booking Form View

Go to Salon --> Bookings --> Form View

Here you can see all existing salon orders on the corresponding date on that chair. After checking the time availability, you can decide to approve/reject the booking.


Go to Salon --> Configuration --> Settings

Here you can assign the chairs for booking purpose. Only the assigned chairs can be booked by a customer through online. Also you can select the holidays here.

Online Booking

Go to Website --> Bookings

Check the availability of Chair

Go to Website --> Bookings

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Specifications for Beauty Spa Management

Version 12.0