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MIS Builder

 This module allows you to build Management Information Systems dashboards. Such style of reports presents KPI in rows and time periods in columns. Reports mainly fetch data from account moves, but can also combine data coming from arbitrary Odoo models. Reports can be exported to PDF, Excel and they can be added to Odoo dashboards.


Your preferred way to install addons will work with MIS Builder.

An easy way to install it with all its dependencies is using pip:

  • pip install --pre odoo10-addon-mis_builder odoo-autodiscover
  • then restart Odoo, update the addons list in your database, and install the MIS Builder application.


To configure this module, you need to:

  • Go to Accounting > Configuration > MIS Reporting > MIS Report Templates where you can create report templates by defining KPI’s. KPI’s constitute the rows of your reports. Such report templates are time independent.
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  • Then in Accounting > Reports > MIS Reporting > MIS Reports you can create report instance by binding the templates to time periods, hence defining the columns of your reports.
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  • From the MIS Reports view, you can preview the report, add it to and Odoo dashboard, and export it to PDF or Excel
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  • Development

  • A typical extension is to provide a mechanism to filter reports on analytic dimensions or operational units. To implement this, you can override _get_additional_move_line_filter and _get_additional_filter to further filter move lines or queries based on a user selection. A typical use case could be to add an analytic account field on mis.report.instance, or even on mis.report.instance.period if you want different columns to show different analytic accounts.
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Specifications for MIS Builder

Version 11.0