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This module helps to print Current Stock Report for all Products in each Warehouse with XLS.


To install this module, you need also the report_xlsx module.


  1. Select category for products

  2. Get your stock valuation details

  3. Negative stock will be highlighted in "red" cells.

How it works?

Go to Inventory -> Reports -> Current stock in Excel. Now a wizard will appear on your screen. Please enter the warehouses which you want to take the report. You can also select category for products(It is Optional). Then Click "Export Product with Stock Info" button.  Then You will get the corresponding report in XLS.

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Per warehouse you can get Available Qty, Virtual Qty, Incoming Qty, Outgoing Qty, Net On Hand Qty, Total Sold & Total Purchased Qty. You can get your stock valuation details too. In below screen-shot you can see stock details of 2 warehouse exported in single spreadsheet.

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Specifications for Export Product Stock in Excel

Version 11.0