Currency Rate Update

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Currency Rate Update

Base module to download exchange rates automatically from the Internet.

This module download exchange rates automatically from European central bank service (ported by Grzegorz Grzelak - The reference rates are based on the regular daily query procedure between central banks within and outside the European System of Central Banks, which normally takes place at 2.15 p.m. (14:15) ECB time. Source in EUR.


To configure the module, go to Accounting > Configuration > Multi-currencies > Rate Auto-download and create one or several services to download rates from the Internet.

Then, go to the page Accounting > Configuration > Settings and, in the section Multi Currencies, make sure that the option Automatic Currency Rates Download is enabled.

In developper mode, in the menu Settings > Technical > Scheduled Actions, make sure that the action Currency Rate Update is active. If you want to run it immediately, use the button Run Manually.

This module is compatible with OCA module 'currency_rate_inverted' also found in OCA/currency repository, that allows to maintain exchange rates in inverted format, helping to resolve rounding issues.


The module supports multi-company currency in two ways:

  1. when currencies are shared, you can set currency update only on one company
  2. when currencies are separated, you can set currency on every company separately

A function field lets you know your currency configuration.

If in multi-company mode, the base currency will be the first company's currency found in database.

Know issues / Roadmap

To fix:

  • Bank of Canada


  • Google Finance.
  • Updated daily from Citibank N.A., source in EUR. Information may be delayed. This is parsed from an HTML page, so it may be broken at anytime.

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Specifications for Currency Rate Update

Version 11.0