Contracts Management - Recurring

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Contracts Management - Recurring

This module enables contracts management with recurring invoicing functions. Also you can print and send by email contract report. It works for customer contract and supplier contracts.


To view discount field in contract line, you need to set Discount on lines in user access rights.


To use this module, you need to:

  1. Go to Accounting -> Contracts and select or create a new contract.
  2. Check Generate recurring invoices automatically.
  3. Fill fields for selecting the recurrency and invoice parameters:
    • Journal
    • Pricelist
    • Period. It can be any interval of days, weeks, months, months last day or years.
    • Start date and next invoice date.
    • Invoicing type: pre-paid or post-paid.
  4. Add the lines to be invoiced with the product, description, quantity and price.
  5. You can mark Auto-price? for having a price automatically obtained applying the pricelist to the product price.
  6. You have the possibility to use the markers #START# or #END# in the description field to show the start and end date of the invoiced period.
  7. Choosing between pre-paid and post-paid, you modify the dates that are shown with the markers.
  8. A cron is created with daily interval, but if you are in debug mode, you can click on Create invoices to force this action.
  9. Click Show recurring invoices link to show all invoices created by the contract.
  10. Click on Print > Contract menu to print contract report.
  11. Click on Send by Email button to send contract by email.

      Known Issues / Roadmap

      Recover states and others functional fields in Contracts.
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      Specifications for Contracts Management - Recurring

      Version 11.0