Record and Create Modules

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Base Module Record

 Description of Module

  1.  This module allows you to create a new module without any development.

       2.  It records all operations on objects during the recording session and produce a .ZIP module. So you can create             your own module directly from the Odoo client.

       3. This version works for creating and updating existing records. It recomputes dependencies and links for all types             of widgets (many2one, many2many, ...). It also support buttons and demo/update data.

       4. This should help you to easily create reusable and publishable modules for custom configurations and             demo/testing data.

 How it works?

Run Administration/Customization/Module Creation/Export Customizations As a Module wizard. Select datetime criteria of recording and objects to be recorded and Record module.

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Create Fields

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Create Objects

After Creating object Click on "Create a Menu" button

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Specifications for Record and Create Modules

Version 12.0